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     Thank you for visiting us for our Counseling & Consulting  Services that help you, your loved ones, or your company grow. Call our office:336-329-8506 or use our  contact form. We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Click CONTACT US To send us an email or request an appointment Today!!!!! 


In brief: Matthew D. McMillan MS, LCAS,LPC, CCS has been providing Counseling & Consulting Services in the Greensboro, NC area since 1992. He is a  respected clinician known well for his expertise in setting up Workplace Programs, Professional Speaking, along with Assessment and Treatment of Adolescents, Adults and their families with Mental Health Issues, Substance Abuse, and/or both together.  Matthew  believes that with the right tools, education  and support you and your loved ones can accomplish a Mentally, Socially and Spiritually and Physically balanced lifestyle

 Matthew and  his wife, Yeidi have 2 loving children, one A Child with Special Needs. Together  they  provide  their clients with exceptional service, these  loving and caring parents  have an extensive background in Navigating, the sometimes difficult, Waters of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, the school system language and Advocacy for your child.  Matthew provides the clinical and diagnostic understanding you need to help your child( ages 13 up), while Yeidi will connect you with resources and help you build on your and child's personal strengths.  We look forward to helping you soon.

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      LET US HELP with your Parent - Child relationships, Individual, Adolescent & Couples therapy, Special needs education tools for parents, Workplace Consulting and EAP Programs and more.  We also provide workshops on various topics.  .

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